Seems that time flies, eh?

A year ago today, I took a trip to NC and visited my online best friend, Lauren (suparsprinkles).

This was the first time I had ever met her in person. I remember this day a year ago being a very happy, nerve-wracking, and fun day. After stumbling out of an airport with a large suitcase, it was a matter of minutes before I had a slightly taller blonde girl wrap her arms around my neck and was rather excited to know that I was very much a real person and not a creeper. I’m making this post because just the fact that this happened a year ago is quite crazy.   So much has happened between then and now, and plenty of things have changed. For the good and for the bad.

So, here’s to a year of being long-distance friends as opposed to strictly online friends, my dear friend. 

image(Wow, look at this horrible picture of us, but hey, this was the first picture we ever took together) (I’m on the left, and Lauren’s on the right)

I have 98 games on steam according to my profile.

I had 69 games before the summer sale.

I know for a fact I DID NOT buy 30 games. 

How did this even happen..?

I know a lot came from generous tumblr users who do giveaways & first-come-first-serve gigs, but still like w oa h 

I am quite shocked at this growing collection of games!


i have too many emotions about this game


i have too many emotions about this game




I s2g I need to stop staying up to 5-6AM!!! 1-2am. I need to sleep then. Then take it down to 11pm-12am.


Yeah okay there are a lot of shitty people in the world, but the ones that make you laugh until you can’t breathe and smile like an idiot really seem to make everything worth it

Constant struggle of going to bed at reasonable hours