I really like drawing Acoustic
I should be doing my principles of learning reading.

of course the night i want to play a video game, my controller is like “nah”

i feel lonely. 

i’m single

i’m in a new place

and i have little to no friends.

i know it’s only been one week but u g h 

i feel alone and kinda homesick


An Acoustic for my half of an art trade with Liz u v u

I’ll do my half of our trade as soon as I can.

But I really like this! She’s such a cutie ok ; v ; like aah, my friends make my fursona/anthrosona look 20x better than I do. She looks really good in your style! thank you, friend!

Draw my fursona, Acoustic, Please! o v o


Here you are! She was pretty fun to draw and she has a cute design. Hope you like her and thanks for the trade! It was nice to be able to draw considering I haven’t done any digital art since college started. ;; 


this is so nice! like aaahhh, Acoustic looks so pretty in your style, friend! 

It’s nice to see her in another style other than my own.  Thank you so much for doing a trade with me, friend. I really like your half. I hope my half was good ;v ;

I really really like this. 

Its 5am and I’m wide awake.
I need to sleep soon. I have Hw to get tomorrow..

So I’m still doing the art requests I received before I moved. I’m just slow as can be because school came along and decided to take all my time away.

This request is for Raquel (Kennysboats). I haven’t been able to talk to her very much recently due to life and school being really time consuming but I consider her a pretty good friend of mine. I had other requests to do before hers, but I wanted to draw for my dear friend. This is her adorable fursona, Rocky. She was really fun to draw. Honestly, I wanted to do a more complex drawing, but I have such trouble with furries


its a golden rule in gravity falls


fat little birdies